The BIG Decision...

Milano, Italia


It all started two years ago when I realized that the situation in Italy, unfortunately, wouldn't change for the better. Friends, family, relatives and other people started to have big problems of daily life. Surely everyone has their own problems and those problems are important. It would only get harder and harder to find a decent job. The economic crisis that you read in the papers was our real life situation. Many lost their jobs and families had to live with only 800 euros a month and even less to pay all the bills, the house payments, and food. The Higher suicide rate, people that got homeless was many of the disasters that became the result of the crisis. This became my inspiration and motive to leave the country that meant so much to me. I knew that I would regret and be disappointed with myself if I didn't leave. 

The 1st October 2014, was the day I took the first step, the BIG step to a better life but unfortunately it didn't go the way I had planned... 

Tomorrow I will continue to write about my decision to leave Italy for living in Sweden and you will get to know me better. 

Thank you and goodnight! 



Andrea BanducciMilano, Italy